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Student Life

Why get involved

Here’s why:

You’ll explore potential career interests. Think you might want to work in the medical profession? Volunteer at a hospital or nursing home. Interested in politics? Try running for student council. You get the idea…

You’ll have a better chance of earning scholarships.Many are based on community service and extracurricular activities such as school clubs, band, sports, and drama. Watch the Do It. Track It. Earn It. video to see why getting involved is important.

You’ll become more organized. Let’s face it, the busier you are the more organized you have to be. But don’t overdo it. Be selective and choose activities that strongly appeal to you.

It gives you an “out.” If friends suggest activities that could get you into trouble, your busy schedule provides the perfect excuse.

You’ll work with adults who can help shape your life. Whether it’s a coach, yearbook adviser or youth group leader – you’ll work with strong adult mentors who can help keep your life on track.

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