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Hyde, Heidi English Department Chair 4614  
Norton, Jamie Career and Technical Education IMC/CDC 4421  
Cook, Laura English Teacher 4611  
Sigmon, Jeff Art Department Chair 4313  
Thornton, Dustin Math Teacher 4514  
Hise, Johanna Media Center Media Coordinator 4401  
Pressley, Ken Physical Education Teacher 4221  
Apostolo, Kearstin Social Studies Teacher 4603  
Lambert, Scott Social Studies Teacher 4604  
Chester, Emily Foreign Language Department Chair 4501  
Younce, Peggy Exceptional Children Department Chair 4414 Younce Webpage 
Bradley, Betty Custodian Department Chair 4318  
Poteat, Kristy Office  Teacher Assistant 4415  
Simmons, Donna Career and Technical Education Teacher 4323  
McGee, Susan English Teacher 4616  
Shuping, Steve Business Teacher 4419 Shuping Class Page 
Stilwell, Scott Social Studies Teacher 4602  
Garland, Jennifer Office  Receptionist 4100  
Stamey, Debbie Instructional Coach Instructional Coach 4113  
Guittard, Gilbert Foreign Language Teacher 4504  
Truitt, Shelly Exceptional Children Teacher 4418  
Jones, Stephanie Office  Data Manager 4104  
Duckworth, Beth Office  Attendance 4127 DHS Counselors 
Loomis, Kent Counseling Counselor 4420 DHS Counselors 
Eckard, Jo Ann Online Learning Lab Teacher Assistant 4411  
Barus, Tim Exceptional Children Teacher 4606  
Cozort, Chris Physical Education Teacher 4214  
Deal, Terri Exceptional Children Teacher Assistant 4416  
Eggers, Stephanie Business Teacher 4410  
Henry, Lori Office  School Nurse 4102  
Turner, Pam Office  Bookkeeper 4105  
Treadway, Chris Career and Technical Education Teacher 4324  
Barlow, Angela School Resource Officer Department Chair 4417  
Mills, Brandy Gear Up Coodinator Teacher 4112  
Icard, Beverly Science Department Chair 4702  
Drake, Patrice Science Teacher 4703  
Gambrell, Kelley Career and Technical Education Department Chair 4301  
Coleman, Susan Career and Technical Education Teacher 4303  
Jensen, Yates Social Studies Department Chair 4605 Jensen Webpage 
Hoyle, Jason Band Teacher 4314 DHS WIldcat Website 
Proffitt, Haley English Teacher 4613  
Speagle, Phillip Media Center Computer Engineer 4407  
Humphries, Nikki Exceptional Children Teacher 4512  
McCormick, Megan Physical Education Teacher 4208  
Modak, Lillian Counseling Counselor 4429  
Murray, Jay Math Teacher 4511 or 4117 Murray Class Page 
Craven, Kerri Math Department Chair 4512  
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